I just can’t believe you guys – The Printer Doctor

For years now, I have been in the same location, looking out the windows at the neighbor’s parking lot. It’s always plowed, their side walk is even shoveled and salted (and above all even before our guy shows up).
Then I look at ours (2720 Queensview drive) mountains of snow, not piled high like our neighbor so it out of the way, but piling up in the ever decreasing parking spots available. No wonder everybody’s complaining about winter in our building.
I have been in the service industry all my life and I can make the difference between good service and great service. Your team provides exceptional service where man power and equipment makes every tenants of neighboring buildings green with envy (like a neanderthal with a bear skin on his shoulder seeing someone with a Canada Goose parka for the first time).
Though you should know, despite this winter has been challenging with solid snow storms, freezing rain and black ice your company still impresses me!

Roch Beausoleil
The Printer Doctor