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Our construction experience allows our team to manage with a customer-focused lens. We get to know our clients by asking questions that deepen our understanding so we can provide value-driven, smart solutions. We strive to always deliver the best building experience…

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Plumbing Services

Our highly skilled and experienced team of plumbers will solve any residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing issue. We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day! State of the art equipment & service vehicles:¬†Making sure that our plumbers have…

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Environmental Services

dsq Plumbing & Environmental removes solids and oily wastewater from interceptors such as sump pits, catch basins, floor trenches and grease traps. dsq Plumbing & Environmental provides residential and commercial septic tank and holding tank pumping services, filter cleaning and flushing….

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Snow Removal

We boast a 4.94-acre operating facility at 4084 Albion Road, equipped with a licensed snow dump, extensive salt storage capabilities, a small office, and state-of-the-art security systems.This self-sufficient snow dumping site offers significant savings on snow transportation and dumping expenses for…

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Emergency services

dsq offers the most reliable emergency construction repair services in the city for commercial and municipal clients.

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