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ISD 16-5024 – St. Laurent Transit Improvements

The scope of this project was to improve transit through this business section of St. Laurent Blvd including the construction of the following;

3 new traffic signal plants at three intersections (St. Laurent and Smyth, St. Laurent and Bourassa and St. Laurent and Industrial/Innes)
The addition of a bus only lane accompanying the existing two lanes of regular traffic in both the northbound and southbound lanes
The addition of a cycle track adjacent to the concrete sidewalk in in both the northbound and southbound directions
The construction of additional left turn lanes at the St. Laurent and Industrial/Innes intersection (one of the busiest intersection in the City)

Because of the heavy volume of traffic through this corridor much of this project was relegated to working overnight so as to provide as little disturbance on daytime as possible.

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